Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Today I decided to start a new blog over here to post about my functional programming experiences. Where does the name belong to? I've lived most of my time in Franconia and planning to relocate again to Nuremberg this year. Starting in the near future I'm planning to host a user group about functional programming, with my personal focus for functional languages running on top of .NET. My initial interest in fp was born 4 years ago getting started with some Lisp and Scheme tutorials using Common Lisp, Scheme and IromScheme for evaluation. Later on in my career as .NET developer (mainly C#) I fell in love with F#. In the meantime I focused on Boo for meta programming but dropped that too - in favor of F#. Back in 2010 I had great interest in learning Clojure/ClojureCLR but dropped it, guess - in favor of F#. Currently as a software engineer I'm using Python for production code and industrial automation. I'm running a German blog but there was only few activity the last 2 years because of the decision to have fun with my 2 year old sun.

You can expect me to start posting about Clojure and ClojureCLR and the trial of porting some libs. Some getting started topics and tutorials or links that helped me getting started. Thanks a lot for reading and stay tuned.


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